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Application Introduction

NDT Force Sensing Film can be directly attached to the back of the screen or fingerprint to achieve real experience of Home Key or Fingerprint Pressure touch functions.


Touch the screen of fingerprint area or the virtual Home key area, NDT Force Sensor can capture the micro-deformation of the surface and output an voltage signal that caused by pressing or touching. By collecting and processing this signal, the system can identify the user's touch operation or touch pressure level, thus resulting in corresponding interactions, such as:

Touch to return

Press to start the fingerprint identification function

Return to Home

Long press to start Voice Assistant


With the motor vibration feedback, virtual pressure home button can also achieve the real key experience. Without holes, the waterproof performance and service lifecycle will be effectively improved.


  • Full screen appearance innovation

    Force Touch Sensor is on the back of screen, no extra home key space

  • Reduce False touch rate and fingerprinting power consumption.

    Capacitive or optical fingerprints are easily to cause false touch with higher system power consumption; NDT force Sensor increased the pressure threshold can effectively reduce the false touch.

  • No holes and mechanical limitations.

    Improve smartphone waterproof performance

    Enhance Home key reliability

  • Multi-pressure Interaction

    support Tap/Double Tap/short press/long press and other operations, could realize multifunctional home button Touch to return; Fingerprints function; Heavy press to back Home


The NDT Force Sensor Film can be attached directly to the back of a display and fingerprint sensor. When the user touches the display, the micro deformation of the screen will be transferred to the sensor film, and the signal output will be changed. The system can recognize the user's touch operation by detecting, analyzing and counting the signal change.



Ultra-thin size. Thickness less than 0.2mm

High Sensitivity. Minimum activation force 50g and force resolution 15g (1mm glass display)

Multi-channel Linear Output with high uniformity

”Peel & Stick” Force Sensor, easy installation without strict requirements for air gap

Flexible and Printable. It can be printed on various base materials, such as  standard FPC, PCB, glass and ceramics… etc.

Fixed Home Key Under Display Solution Under Glass Solution

SMT type force sensor, replacement mechanical Home Key, fixed home key without structural design changes The NDT Force sensor film can be attached directly to the back of a display and fingerprint sensor, it can identify the user to operate the screen pressure, to achieve the specified area of force touch function. The NDT Force sensor film can be attached directly to the back of under-glass fingerprint sensor, the panel deformation caused by user to operate fingerprint area will be passed to force sensor to realize the force touch control in fingerprint area.

Features & Advantages

NDT Micro Strain Gauge Force Capacitance / Inductance MEMS
Theory Detected panel strain/curvature changes are resulting in resistance changes, Capacitance changes or inductance resonant frequency changes are caused by spacing variation The change in the spacing between the measuring panel and the fixed position results in the extrusion of the contact point of the MEMS
Installation Structure

Single-layer FPC structure, attached directly to the back of the panel

Double-layer structure, using support structure to control the gap

Need to ensure a spacing between the panel and the fixed position

Appearance Dimension Flexible FPC,dimension can be customized; Maximum thickness 0.18mm(including tape DST&FPC) 0.6mm Thickness 0.6mm Thickness
Assembly Process Back of FPC double-sided adhesive(VHB) directly attached to the back of the panel Double-sided attached Plug-in assembly

Direct detection of panel deformation without gap control, product consistency/ high reliability


Single-sided attached process and simple assembly

Need to strictly control the gap, easily affected by assembly tolerances and drop/deformation, poor consistency/reliability


Double-sided attached process and complex assembly

Need strong tightness support, easy to be affected by assembly tolerances and drop/deformation, poor consistency/reliability


Plug-in assembly process and complex assembly

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