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NDT Released the Edge Sense Solution on 2017 China C-Touch Exhibition


​ Shenzhen international full screen touch panel exhibition in Shenzhen Convention Center grand Opening in November, 24-26th, 2017. This year, the touch panel markets such as full screen, curved screen, and even foldable products and technologies has made consumers look forward to the future development of the touch panel industry. New degree technology (NDT) is also invited to participate in the touch of the industry's most influential, most professional full screen touch exhibition, and the use of full screen touch exhibition to the industry for the first time to release the smartphone "edge sensor" solution.

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Edge sensor, open the new world of smartphone

At this exhibition, NDT’s Booth attracted a lot of professional guests to come to visit and consult.

With the full screen era of smartphone screen growth and experience greatly improved. However, because the full screen replaces the functions such as home key, it also brings to the user the operational changes and more effective operation. Aesthetics and easy to use are the core of operating technology, while grip is the way users operate smartphones.

Based on the above market background, NDT has launched edge sensor solutions in this exhibition. Use a highly sensitive force sensor to perceive a user's grip gesture, likes in the grip of the side of smartphone, it can start a fast function such as camera, the learning cost of this interactive of operation is almost zero, while users can also use their get used to set the function of the border interaction and adjust the strength and sensitivity of grip operations.

NDT’s edge sensor solution, it is to implement the interactive function of the force sense module in the border sensing area. In this area, the smartphone can be sensitive to capture user tap, sliding, grip and other operations, to achieve volume control, fast start the APP and other functions, Also will tap, Slide, grip, such as standard interactive gestures into the smartphone bezel, to implement the user in the smartphone bezel of the single hand-holding operation.

This is also the core technology of micro strain gauge, which is a kind of special high sensitivity piezoresistive flexible material which can be printed on the substrate of circuit board. When tension or compression is caused by force, the resistance value will changes so it can be used as force sensor. Due to the advantages of flexible film and high sensitivity, NDT force sensor can be applied to smartphone to realize force touch function, add new interactive mode for smartphone, and effectively improve the efficiency of smartphone. The principle of force touch is to detect the user touch operation produced by the micron-level panel deformation, especially the smartphone bezel structure is usually more solid and space is limited, so the force sensor sensitivity and size of the very high requirements, which is precisely NDT of micro strain gauge technology core advantages.


With full screen and narrow borders to become the smartphone trends, smartphone suppliers to enhance the function for interactive is increasingly strong. In the past because of the technical constraints , suppliers have been unable to effectively use the smartphone's border area, but with the NDT high sensitivity thin film force sensor technology breakthrough and launched the edge touch solution, the border also become an intelligent area, really open up a new world of smartphone interaction.

While the force sensor bezel with built-in force sensors, without destroying mechanical structure, smartphone design will be more integrated, whether it is the appearance of design or waterproof performance will be improved. Compared to mechanical buttons, the force sense buttons there is no mechanical design limited, the buttons of reliability will be improved. In lifecycle, NDT products can stand with the test of 30 million hits.

When the full screen has become the standard in smartphone industry, and the full screen of human-machine Interaction design is becoming the major smartphone suppliers focus on research. With flexible thin film force sensor, NDT can supply a total of force touch solutions to the market, working with smartphone suppliers to realize interactive innovation, bring more practical and convenient operation experience to the users.

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