​ General Description

Dimension Touch TM  is a Force Touch Technology, the structure is composed of three parts:

Force Sensor

The flexible Force Touch Sensor produced by NDT ' s Micro Strain Gauge can directly detect the panel’s micro-changes triggered by touch operation and output the voltage signals.


Drive Circuit

Using a signal conditioning circuit and signal processing algorithm, the data transmission interface can be used to output the formatted pressure signal for the system to use.


Main Control System and Application Software

Analyze and process the pressure data, identify the pressure touch operation and generate the corresponding interaction.



  • Supports a various of contact surface/panel/display materials, metal, glass, plastic…
  • Supports a various of input methods, available operations with water, gloves, fingers contact available
  • Identify multiple gestures:



    -Force Touch: Peek & Pop, light touch, heavy touch




  • 1.Sensing Panel Deformation

    Touch operation causes micro-deformation of the panel, deformation passed to the force sensor and output the voltage signal

  • 2. Signal Detection

    Capture the sensor output with a drive circuit which could generate real-time pressure data

  • 3. Data Analysis

    Identify touch action and gestures by analyzing the size and trend of pressure data

  • 4. Interaction

    In a specific application or operation Environment, the system generates corresponding interactions based on the identified touch gestures.

NDT's micro strain gauge is a highly sensitive and flexible resistive material. When a tensile or compressive force is applied, the resistance value changes significantly, so it ideally suited for use as a force sensor.


●    High sensitivity. The gauge factor is 5 times greater than a traditional strain gauge; 

●    High linearity. When positive pressure is applied; 

●    Low Power Consumption . The resistance value is up to 10kohm, enabling power consumption of only 1/20 of the traditional strain gauge; 

●   Detect the panel strain from deformation directly. The sensor has a single layer structure , peel & stick available, and it is quite easy and convenient for assembly; 

●    Flexible and printable. It can be printed on various base materials, such as standard FPC, PCB, glass and ceramics… etc. 

●    Easily Customized. Combined with printing electronic technology, it can be customized per application, such as multi-channel distributed force sensor.

Peel & Stick
Force Sensor


Dimension Touch Vs. Cap Touch Vs. Buttons

Mechanical Buttons Capacitive Touch Keys NDT Dimension Touch

Life Cycle X
Waterproof X
Oil, Grime and Dust Proof X
Touch with Gloves  X
Any Contact Surface or Materials X(Plastic, Glass only)
Capable of Multi-Touch X
Integral Forming with Industrial Design X

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