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Force sensing in Kegel Balls, makes the exercise clear and visible



Kegel balls are the best helper for pelvic floor muscle training. They can help users find their pelvic floor muscles more quickly and squeeze them correctly to exercise pelvic floor muscle control. It is commonly used to reduce urinary incontinence, women’s postpartum pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation, and also can be used to improve sexual life.


In this process, the force sensing function plays a very important role. It can detect the strength, frequency, duration, etc. of muscle contraction and relaxation during the user's exercise in real time, and transmit it to the APP at the same time.

On the one hand, it can guide users to correctly contract and relax muscles to achieve better training results. On the other hand, it allows users to intuitively see the current exercise status information and better understand the effects of exercise.


NDT Kegel balls force sensing solution, by placing a high-sensitivity force sensor in the Kegel balls, can detect the tiny deformation on Kegel balls during exercise, and realize the detection of the motion state. 

With the addition of a temperature compensation channel, the measurement accuracy can reach 5g. Create a richer and more diverse interaction for Kegel balls.


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