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NDT was Honored as the "Venture 50" Award


October 26, by Zero2IPO Group, investment industry and New Seeds jointly sponsored the "2017 China's most investment value of 50 companies" (V50) held in Beijing.  

The list of V50 has been held for the 12th year since 2006 and there have been many companies and innovative projects are outstanding. There is some people in the industry will be “V50” list as " Industry Investment Target, is an important guide for attracting venture capital and listing financing for outstanding companies in various industry in China, at the same time the award also reflects the investment value and influence of companies.


   Mr. Dale Wedel, NDT Vice President of Sales and Marketing, attended the award (left four)

NDT continued growth in the commercial market environment with advanced force touch technology, from more than 3,000 outstanding candidates to stand out, won the favor of many investment institutions, the selection of the event successfully won the "Venture50" award. In fact, NDT nominated “V50” list and has been the second time won the award.

NDT is a High-tech company focused on force sense touch technology whom is leading force touch (3D touch) solution and has domestic 31 core patents. Founder Dr. Li Hao who is the first recommended by China government “1000 Talents Special Hired Expert” in Shenzhen, Guangming New District, Since NDT its establishment in 2011, the company has grown from few people to nearly 160 people until today.

Currently NDT can supply mature force touch and touch on metal solutions to market. Products include smartphone touch screen module, smartphone edge sense module, touch on metal button and home button, there can be widely used in smartphones, consumer electronics, household appliances, security monitoring and other fields, the number of market shipment are more than billion. NDT’s edge sense solution is used by some international smartphone brands, product performance and quality has been validated and recognized by the market. Force sensor shipment quantities are reached tens of millions in 2017, it’s growth fast and expected to 2018 shipments can reach billions.

With force sensor as the core technology, NDT’s technology will promote the “Peel & Stick" type of touch sensor to all fields. Provides high-performance and easy-to-use force sensor solutions to all kinds of files in the IoT. Founder Dr. Li Hao said: The force sensor technology developed by NDT is very easy to realize the practical application, the force sensor’s sales market can reach trillions, and the future as long as there is a button, there is our opportunity. ”

Founder Dr. Li Hao back to China in 2011, established NDT and spent nearly 6 years to become the US, Taiwan, Korea and other international brand of high-quality suppliers. For long term, in the initial the “Hard & Core Technology” is concern for investors, for initial it need investing a lot of money and having a long dormant period is where most investors are worried. However, a group of excellent Hard & Core technology companies are growing fast, so that investors can no longer wait to see. Such as NDT, it is an innovative company that will continue to break through innovation and continue to strive to become the most investment value of the company.


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