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Good news! NDT's latest paper is published!


Recently, Shenzhen New Degree Technology Development Co., Ltd. published an intelligent technology paper "Research Analysis and Realization of Force Touch in Smart Cars" in the 2023 issue 4 of "Auto Electric", an authoritative journal in the automotive field in China.


Based on the application of Force Touch and vehicle pressure detection, this paper proposes a macro-distance force sensor with high sensitivity, high linearity, large structural tolerance, and high stability. It has precise touch, convenient assembly, and stable Reliable, low cost and other advantages.


The development trend of automobile smart cockpit


In new energy vehicles, more and more physical buttons in traditional car are gradually being simplified and replaced by smart touch buttons. At the same time, more functional applications such as entertainment systems, telephones, and navigation maps are gradually converging on the central control panel of the car. Creating a new intelligent interactive experience between people and vehicles through a simpler multi-touch operation mode.



"Vehicle Force Touch technology" achieves the function by detecting the micro-deformation generated by the human body. It is a key technology in the development of human-vehicle intelligent interaction. Driven by Tesla, NIO, BYD, Xiaopeng and many other car manufacturers, more and more new energy vehicles are using the technology.


By recognizing the user's conscious pressure action, it has the advantages of avoiding false touch, blind operation, and applicable to complex environments such as rainy days. No physical buttons, integrated highly integrated structural design, creating a more technological, minimalist, and more humanized human-computer interaction experience.


Tesla steering wheel two-stage pressure control


As a leader in the field of force sensing, New Degree Tech has launched a smart cockpit solution for vehicle Force Touch based on NDT macro force sensors.


NDT macro force sensor


NDT macro force sensor is a device that uses a cantilever beam structure to realize the force sensing function. The force or displacement acting on a cantilever beam is detected by sensing the strain on its surface.


NDT macro sensor structure


It has the performance characteristics of high sensitivity, high linearity, low noise, large range and structural tolerance, as well as high stability, high reliability, low requirements for assembly accuracy, and convenient installation.


Application in Smart Car Cockpit


Setting the NDT macro force sensor in the parts of the smart car that need to realize the force sensing function, such as the center console, display screen, steering wheel, buttons, door handles, tailgate, seats, etc., providing more accurate and real Intelligent pressure-sensitive touch experience.



In addition, NDT macro force sensors can also be used in seat pressure detection, seat belt tension detection, steering wheel grip detection, oil pressure detection, tire pressure detection, airbag pressure detection and other scenarios. By acquiring and analyzing various data of the vehicle under working conditions, it can reduce driving failures and achieve a smarter and safer driving experience.


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