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Electric toothbrush with pressure sensor can protect gum health


1. What is electric toothbrush pressure sensing?

Electric toothbrush, one of the essential household items, has the advantages of strong cleaning ability and convenient use.

However, many users mistakenly believe that the harder they brush, the stronger their cleaning ability. In fact, this is not the case. The harder you brush, the greater the damage to your gums; but if you brush your teeth too lightly, you won't be able to fully clean your teeth to reduce the cleaning effect.


Therefore, testing the brushing strength of electric toothbrushes has gradually become a necessity for consumers.

So how to detect the brushing pressure? it's actually really easy.

By placing a pressure sensor in the toothbrush handle, the pressure between the brush head and the teeth can be automatically detected when brushing.


Detection schematic diagram and installation location

NDT provides integrated pressure sensing solutions for electric toothbrushes, which have been successfully used in well-known electric toothbrush brand products such as usmile, evowera, ROAMAN, and EIZ.

2. What are the advantages of the electric toothbrush with pressure sensor? What functions can be achieved?

After detecting the brushing pressure, the electric toothbrush can automatically reduce/increase the vibration frequency, or issue an alarm through lights and vibrations.Therefore, it has the advantages of protecting gums and ensuring cleaning efficiency, and has gradually become the first choice of consumers.


In addition, electric toothbrushes with pressure sensors can also achieve multiple functions such as preventing toothpaste splashing, customizing brushing intensity and review each brushing process on the app.

▶▷ Starts when entering the mouth and pauses when leaving, to prevent toothpaste and foam from splashing


▶▷ Real-time pressure control, cleaning without damaging

By detecting the current brushing pressure, the electric toothbrush can automatically adjust the vibration frequency to fully remove dirt while reducing damage to the teeth.

Or it can prompt the current brushing intensity so that users can adjust the brushing intensity in real time according to the reminder.


In addition, the electric toothbrush records and stores data such as the user's brushing intensity and duration, allowing users to review each brushing process and promptly discover and solve problems during the brushing process.


▶▷ Customize the brushing intensity range of each mode to suit different people

An electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor can customize the intensity range of different brushing modes (such as clean mode, gentle mode, etc.) to suit the needs of different people.


After a series of medical effects, electric toothbrushes with pressure sensors can clean teeth more effectively and protect dental health.

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