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​ ​ Introduction

NDT’s technology enables a new dimension of touch for existing smartphone touch screens and other small form factor displays, adding the user’s force (Z) to the existing touch locations (X,Y) for full three dimensional touch. The performance is exceptional, enabling distinction between light and heavy touch. This capability opens up a world of possibilities for new user interactions such as content preview or shortcut activation("Peek and Pop") . These are just a few examples of how Three Dimensional Touch can enhance the user’s experience. NDT’s solution is easy to install, highly reliable, and already mass production proven.


  • New Interactions

    Content Preview

    East Shortcut Pop-up

  • Linear Pressure Sensing

    Enhanced Gaming Experience

    Enhanced Writing Experience

  • Extended Applications

    Weight Measurement

    Force level encryption


NDT’s force sensor film can be attached directly to the back of a display panel. The measure micro deformations in the panel due to a users touch, and using NDT’s proprietary software algorithms, the force of any press can be detected at any location on the display.



Ultra-thin size < 0.2mm

High sensitivity > 50g

High linearity <1%

Easy installation ”Peel & Stick”, High reliability

Mass production proven

NDT Force Touch Soulution VS. Capacitive Solution


Success Stories

Unique Solution for Curved Display/Multi Point Force Touch

  • Flexible sensor, available for curved display
  • The only solutions capable of Multi-Touch Force
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