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Application Introduction

In the field of smart home, NDT micro strain gauge can replace mechanical buttons. By detecting the subtle deformation of the metal surface when the user touches the metal panel. It can capture the user's touch operation in real time and generate a button response.

· Integrated design without the need for openings, waterproof and dustproof

· Can be operated with wet hands and gloves on

· Multi level pressure interaction, distinguishing between light/medium/gravity

Comparison Table

Mechanical ButtonsCapacitive Touch KeysNDT Dimension Touch

Life CycleX
Oil, Grime and Dust ProofX
Touch with GlovesX
AnyContact Surface or MaterialsX(Plastic, Glass only)
Capable of Multi-TouchXX
Integrated in SurfaceX


  • image.png

  • image.png

    range hood
  • image.png

  • image.png

    numeric keypad


Doc Type Title Download
Datasheet AN0001 结构设计指南PPT
Datasheet AN0005_CN NDT压力屏面贴方案应用指南(结构件)