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Application Introduction

The NDT Force Sensor can be directly attached to the side of smartphone inner bezel to implement edge sense. When user hold the device, NDT Force sensor can capture the micro-deformation caused by pressure of the bezel and output a relative voltage signal. By collecting and processing this signal, the system can identify the user's holding or sliding operations.


Edge Sense Function:

Grip type operation: light grip / double grip / heavy grip / long grip

Sliding operation

Tap touch operation

Left and Right hand gesture recognition


Camera Assistance

Snap Shot

Lens Switching

Shutter on Boarder

Photograph with Gloves/Underwater

Always On

Star the Specified APP

Smart Border Operation

Touch Operation

Sliding Operation

Squeeze Operation



The NDT Force Sensor can be attached directly to the inner bezel side. When the user touches the display or slides on the bezel to operate the device, the micro-deformation of the bezel will be transferred to the Sensor and output a voltage signal. The system can recognize the user's touch operation by detecting, analyzing and counting this signal.



Ultra-Thin Size. Thickness ≤1mm, width ≤ 2mm

High Sensitivity, activation force ≥50g

Multi-Channel Linear Output with independent channel

Mass production proven

"Peel & Stick” Force Sensor, easy to install and simple process

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