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Application Introduction


The under-screen force sensing adds an input dimension to the mobile phone. While capturing the user's touch position (X, Y), capture the user's touch pressure (Z).

Commonly used in fingerprint/Home button under the screen, and 3D Touch in gaming phones. Add more convenient operations and usage scenarios for mobile phones, such as light pressure to aim, heavy pressure to fire, single-click to display the desktop, double-click to wake up the camera, etc., to achieve multi-point and multi-level pressure interaction.


  • image.png

    3D Touch

    Dual partition screen, multi-touch

    Enhanced gaming experience

  • image.png

    Fingerprint/Home button under the screen

    Force classification

    Many interactive methods



"Stick and use", easy to assemble

Ultra-thin size, thickness less than 0.2mm

High sensitivity, minimum excitation force 50 grams, pressure resolution 15 grams (1mm glass panel)

Multi-channel linear pressure output, high uniformity



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